Dienstag, Mai 13, 2008

Neue MLO Version verfügbar

Seit gestern ist die neue Version 2.0 von MLO My life organized, verfügbar.
Weiters gibt es auch eine neue Windows Mobile Version.

Folgende neue Funktionen sind verfügbar:

  • change: "Places" renamed to "Contexts"
  • feature: Advanced filtering and views of tasks on To-Do tab. See the description of default views in the help documentation: "Active Actions", "Active Actions by Contexts" and "Next Actions by Projects". Any customized To-Do views can be created using filtering, grouping and sorting with different criteria.
  • feature: filter by Effort added on To-Do tab
  • feature: hotkeys can be assigned for To-Do Views
  • feature: Several contexts can be selected in To-Do tab to filter the list. Operations AND/OR can be used to see tasks which contain ALL or ANY of the selected contexts.
  • feature: you can assign a hotkey for any Context now. If you assign the identical hotkeys for different contexts then a local menu with the list of all these contexts will be shown after this hotkey is pressed.
  • feature: Outlook sync can use any of your ToDo views now. Just select option "Remove tasks from Outlook not visible in MLO To-Do View" in advanced Outlook sync options dialog and select a View Name. This way for example you can create a View of your Private tasks and sync only them to Outlook.
  • feature: Properties groups have been improved: new User Interface element used, change position of the groups by Drag&Drop, controls realign when change Properties Pane width.
  • change: Context management has been moved from main window to separated dialog. Places (Context) tab has been removed from main window. To edit contexts use menu: Tools->Manage Contexts... or just click shortcut F8 (configurable in options) or right click on Contexts in To-Do filter.
  • feature: Context management has been improved: delete multi selected contexts, show number of tasks assigned to each context, sort by columns.
  • feature: MLO data file can be opened by other processes in read-only mode now even if it is open by MLO. Useful for backup/copy of the data file and other application to access the data file in read-only mode in the future.
  • change: improved behavior of tasks on ToDo with HideInToDo option when "Complete subtasks in order" is used.
  • change: "" renamed to "(all)"; renamed to "(none)"
  • change: AutoUpdate option for ToDo tab moved to the local menu (right click on To-Do to see it)
  • change: print reports have been adjusted to the recent changes in MLO. You might need to recreate default print templates (File->Print->Advanced->Reset Templates)
  • change: hotkeys revised/improved
    bugfix: MLO is working under Wine (on Linux) again! It is also working under Crossover (on Mac). No special registry key change or workarounds are needed anymore as it was for version 1.9.1.
  • bugfix: changed the functionality of populating UDF field "Project" for GTD AddIn.
  • bugfix: MLO application steals focus after Reminders Window is activated and closed
Meinen Testbericht von MLO finden Sie hier